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d.This is Drinda she is apart of the upper class of society, she doesn't have a job she stays home and watches her two daughters. She is married to a artist (painter). She is very caring for her children but a little too over protective of her children. She likes to spend the day with her family. Drinda cares about daughters because they are her prize poessesions. a. the clothing of the women and children say that they are wealthy b. the items and the background dont really show anything i think beacause the woemn wanted them to be the center of attention c. The artsist wants the viewer to know how wealthy the subjects are.
a.The women in this portrait looks very wealthy. She has many jewls and perls on her clothing, there is alot of red and a little bit of gold on her dress. These colors say she has wealth. b. there is no background but there is a puppy, i think the subject wants us to know that she likes dogs. c. the artist wants us to know how pretty she is and how welthy she is. d. this is lucy, she is apart of the upper class and she has no job also she is not married yet. She likes to spend time with her dog. she cares for her dog and she likes to look her best.
b.I think the colors in the portrait show a little darkness and sadness. The background is very dark and the colors of her clothing is dark and dull, also her facial expression looks sad. This is important to know because it tells us more about the story what the portrait. a. the background is dark i think to match her mood. c. the artsit wants us to know her personality and what she likes. d. Meet jessable she is apart of the upper class, she is to young to have a job. Her parents make this portrait to shoe another family for marriage. Jessable likes to be free and be alone. She cares about her family and reputation.
This is Lucinda she is very respected, Lucinda belongs to the upper class, she doesn't have a job, but she is going to get married soon. Lucinda thinks she is very important and is very beatful. She likes to go buy dresses/jewlery. Lucinda cares about her life ahead of her.
The background and the items of the portrait tells us that she is very wealthy because there is beatiful land behind her and she is surrounded by gold and jewls. It is important because it helps describe the subject.
The subject in the clothing stands out from the other items in the portrait, her gold silk jacket/sweater stands out because the other items are dark and dull and the color pops out. There also other gold items but the subject is more shown. In my opinion I think she is supposed to be the center/ most important part of the portrait. The subject also looks very wealthy.
The other items and background of the portrait says that the subject loves the outdoors/nature. I think this because she is sitting by a tree outside with these leaves and a leopard skin by her. If you look closely of what she is holding it looks like she is holding a bow and arrow so I think she likes hunting and archery or her husband liked hunting or archery.
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