this a collection of paintings based of the concept of loneliness and the void, each painting shows that there is loneliness in the world and we must accept the notion of it.i chose this concept because of how it relates to my intrigue of emptiness and space.

i chose this because it is of a melancholy woman, and it captures a scene of despair and loss, she sits on the bench reminiscing and feels void. it matches my concept of lonliness
this portrays death and despair, in this it shows once there is death loneliness and sadness, the amount of corpses surrounding those that are alive and the blind man keeps walking cause he cant see the death and therefore alone
the starry night also follows my concept of loneliness and it is void of people and empty. as one looks at it they feel like a lone person standing in the night with themselves
the scream is a man alone on the bridge and a vast emptiness and it emphasize loneliness and depression and the only way to not go insane is to scream out your feelings and this fits with my concept of being alone
solitude as the topic of this painting speaks for itself and as she sits there thinking and drowning in despair it shows her contemplating about life's troubles and alone she wallows
this sculpture is one that shows a man deep in thought, it portrays discovery and a search for oneself, it also portrays being an individual and emptiness, it shows that for yo to move in thought you have to look are yourself and think while alone
this gives you an idea of what being alone feels like and what being the only one to walk down a path feels like. when you look at this painting you feel the fear of loneliness creep on you and it feels like loneliness
the emptiness of the painting and the feeling of the void and despair i feel like this is the embodiment of pain in the void, it is an emphasis of being alone. and it is a homage to the late great michelangelo
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