Paint the town Weird

This gallery represents raging against the machine and .It is all street art by Banksy.It is art that is viewed by most as "Trash" but I believe that it is true art the best art is dangerous art.These pieces show how society is dangerous but it also shows how society can never suppress an artist's creativity. 

This piece shows a little girl trying to brighten up a grey dull world but being stopped by a worker performing a mundane task.
this piece shows how all things can be made beautiful fun and creative I think it also shows the brighter side of graffiti.
This work is but weird.
I think this painting is about the innocence of children and how they just enjoy the fun of things and don't care about the truth about things
This is also a very strange picture and I couldn't think off any deeper meaning to it but it does show a bizarre form of rebellion and disarray.
this piece I think show the fun silly things that can be done with a blank canvas.
This mural shows how people will search for peace even in the most violent of times.
This again is one of those murals that don't make a lot of sense however I do think it kinda shows how anyone could be an artist and you can do anything with art.
This mural shows a person trying to escape from the psychotic and crazy nature of society.
This mural is about how you can take nothing and have fun with it and just kinda be like ha look what I did.
Credits: All media
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