Metro Manila Philippines, where most street arts are found. Filipino street art is often confused with vandalism because of the goons who tags their gang or fraternity name on the walls or just state a very foul language. Its two different things. In filipino art you would see that the artist wants to show something to everyone passing by. Usually they would do something related to our community.

It shows that a community should use knowledge and contribute in making a better foundation for everyone. Its perfect since its also painted at the walls of Gawad Kalinga Sunshineville, Las Piñas.
As Citizens we should all participate in our community. This art shows a line up of different people with different skills. They will use these skills to make a stand for what they're fighting for.
Kookoo is a female artist who lives in Quezon city. She's known for her female street arts all over Metro Manila. In here she paints an image of a woman who has a very strong personality.
Again she paints another woman with a strong personality. You could tell that she's a fighter because of her facial expression and hand gesture.
This painting shows that the society is blinded in sight and by heart by the society. Always remember that not everything we see is the truth.
Rai Cruz painted a dark image of different faces with drips that looks like blood. Then he paints an open window with a question mark. It shows the society that anyone could be next.
The artwork shows that our time is not enough for everything we need to do in our daily lives. Having bright colours its a bit confusing and attractive.
Society is destroyed by the bad drugs distributed around Metro Manila. Turing our society into skin and bones.
The artist uses a beat up wall and painted and eye that covers almost all the broken cements. Just a beautiful sight in the walls of the city.
Shows the addiction of the society to fast food chains. With its red eyes drooling over the shining burger, they seem high in some drug.
The society turning into what the social media wants them to turn into. They control us and tells us what we should think about the society.
Different artist who collaborated with each other. Their art shows a very strong yet chill feeling.
An artwork created in Pasig. It shows how a person could loose his head when doing different prohibited drugs.
Simply shows how the people with power controls those under them. He holds a lot of things against the citizen.
A masterpiece created by different artist. Redesigning the damaged wall and covering it with a beautiful wild street art.
Credits: All media
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