These pictures advertise different line movements, depths, and perspective. 

The lines create a movement that the eyes follow, along the walls, allowing the viewer to feel the movement.
The lines emerging from the center promote an illusion of light being emitted, the viewer sees a sort of perspective point where it looks as though you are looking down upon something.
the lines create shape and forms, where the obvious negative space (the black paint) is in between the lines and shapes.
The lines creating the arrow shape include lines on the inside that change in color and value upwards, promoting the gradient.
these letters are creating by mostly vertical lines, not only do they create letters, but they create the illusion of the letters being stretched upwards and it promotes depth.
Thi piece shows lines in the woman's blanket that move back and forth in an almost hatching way to show depth and form and shape by the way it moves.
these non formative and abstract pieces include lines that are non conformed to a shape, but are a freeflowing drawing yet also creates movement.
these lines are simply creating a word, yet the different angles create perspective and depth and a slant in the word.
these different line lengths, depths, and values create an obvious depth and perspective in the drawing, you can see the lines in the foreground and the background shading as well.
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