The Body Through a Surrealist Eye

This gallery explores the perception of people in paintings created by surrealist artists.

In this artwork there are two silhouettes of people.They stand out because of the solid white consuming the negative space and the frame like lines that border those silhouettes. Inside of the bodies is where the majority of the art lies. The colors inside of the people make for an eerie beach-like setting that could represent something Dali felt inside of his body when he made this art.
The attitude of lighting towards a lady-mountain depicts multiple feminine rock formations. The formations look like they have been eroded away and contrast the smooth architectural formations in the foreground. Gleeson gave the feminine rock formations a distinct texture through the lines and shapes. Depth is also used well with the silhouette cut-outs of the same rock formations further on in the horizon.This is related to my theme because it represents the destruction of ones body.
In this work of art you see many people. First is a man standing naked toward the valley and mountains but is looking down at a body that lies at his feet. The body at his feet is a women made of various stones and metals. They contrast each other because one is a living body and the other is a lifeless stone figure. Also, the main figure that is standing is painted like how a man would be painted during the Renaissance Era while the lady on the ground is surreal. They represent life and death.
In this artwork there is a man's head deteriorating along with a naked women's torso. The corroding face is the first thing you look at when you see this picture because of its size. Your eye is then lead to the deteriorating women because a fabric of some short connects the two. The fabric creates unity between the two people, but the deterioration represents the destruction of the world and human body/mind.
Depicted in this photo is a women with her head on fire hovering above a field of flowers and two men. Most predominant in this photo is the women with her head on fire. The red and orange colors in the fire are so vivid and stand out even more with the split complementary color scheme against the blue-green background. Also, the colors of the flowers are very dark which is contrary to the popular belief of flowers being happy and romantic. I believe this picture was made to show the destruction of the body.
The main image in this picture is a man with a cage in his torso. Flying out of the cage is a beautiful white bird. The black color inside the man and the white colored bird contrast each other. The bird is breaking free and it symbolizes breaking free of the things holding you back. Also, in the picture there are disgruntled men on boats. The men are used to add depth to the picture and give is a realistic feel.
One of the most surreal paintings in this gallery is Dream Land II by Prateep Kochabua. This picture is made mostly out of people, but there are also elephants holding tubes of a gel like substance that is creating the people. Color stands out to me most in this picture. Many bright, vivid colors are used to give this a very playful mood. Also, rhythm is used to give the bodies a dynamic motion and make them all look like they are jumping and flying around.
This artwork depicts two men. One made of what looks like black marble with his back turned, and one made of what looks like a city and is facing forward. The colors of each men contrast each other to show a difference between the two. Shape also shows a contrast between the two. The man with his back turned has smooth shapes and lines while the other man has many shapes with sharp lines and 90 degree angles. This could represent the differences between people whether race, ideology, religion, etc.
Depicted in this artwork is a faceless men holding a lyre and with a stomach made of different shapes. The setting of this picture is a stage to show the man is performing and the Mediterranean is in the background. The setting gives the painting a playful mood and the many pastel colors in this photo add to the painting's happiness. The many triangles and rectangles with jagged lines don’t give off as much of an aggressive feel because of the colors.
This picture also portrays a faceless, disproportionate man with objects in place of his stomach, but it is very different than the previous picture. This picture has a completely different feeling. The dull brown colors give this painting a dismal feeling. The setting is also very different than the previous picture. It is bland with no real depth that adds to the depressing tone. The man is holding up his hand but without a face is unable to say anything. This could represent the people who have much to say but are unable to do so.
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