SPRAY PAINT- kimberly fain

This gallery is representing decades of New York Cities outdoor art exhibit- the worlds graffiti mecca. People from around the world came to express, paint, practice and perfecting the art of graffiti on the walls of an abandoned industrial building. This historic street art haven is no more as of 2014.

This symbolizes someone expressing themselves and things they love in fun artwork with various bright colors, emphasizing with black outline on shapes . Not worried about balance or proportion.
This artwork emphasizes the interest with the Joker and carrying our eyes through movement of the sky and words behind him where we now connect to the symbol of Batman. The value gives the darkness.
This picture depicts political views. Owl represents authority and the post in front gives the visual of a rifle. The texture element gives the owl real life look. This has been executed with detail.
This depicts the old west and protecting your place. The components give balance and completion to the art. The artist created a focal point using a word graffiti that is unusual to the scene.
This depicts the tiger and water coming out of the wall. A contrast that is created with the orange tiger leaping out of the blue water. It strengthening the focal point of the tiger.
This reflects a black and white sketch and use of space to give depth. It about people in the city coming together enjoying hip hop music.
Picture depicts a upset boy in his room. This three dimensional art of connected walls and bringing the paint to the concrete makes you feel apart of the room. The colors used are complimentary.
This represents a man/monster coming out the shadows. The use of brush strokes gives movements and gives convergence to the object. Color is used to strengthen features of the mouth, eyes and head.
An artist branding themselves. Simple use of clean lines and establishing a visual beat with vibrant colors and pattern. They emphasis the art with the skull in the center.
This picture reflects a picture inside another picture. The boy is the focal point as he is spray painting a view of the bridges from a place he has been. The intensity and value of color brings life.
Credits: All media
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