Egyptian Artwork

By: Henry Kabbash

Hedgehogs often go underground when there is no food. They only come back up when things are safe. This behavior reminds the Egyptians of "rebirth". They often wore amulets in the shape of a hedgehog.
This carved limestone represents a scene of a hunt. At the end of the hunt the young centaur jumps onto the gazelle. The two figures emerge out of the background, which makes it very 3 dimensional.
"Ba" means soul in English. The human and bird form symbolizes the ability to travel. This amulet may date back to the Ptolemaic Period. This piece is made of gold and lapis lazuli.
This art is made out of ground quartz and natron. The surface of the body displays a raised dot pattern. While the end of the wings have a feather pattern. This sculpture is very detailed.
These two halves of a knife date back all the way back to 1295 B.C. They are made out of bronze and detailed with copper and gold.The blossoms on the ends represent respect towards whoever owns them.
Credits: All media
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