The Masters

Cover art from The Masters, a subscription series of large format booklets put out by Knowledge Publications in the 1960's.

As I have an incomplete set I will use a representative work for those Masters I lack.

2. Vermeer (not cover) plate II
3. Canaletto (not cover) plate VIII
4. Botticelli cover image shows Madonna's face with crowning hands
5. Hals
6. Blake
7. Poussin (not cover) plate IX
8. Toulouse-Lautrec (not cover) plate IV
9. El Greco
10. Tiepolo (not cover) plate VI is a version of this work
1. Goya (not cover - missing from my set)
11. Duccio
12. Turner
14. Raphael (not cover)
15. Delacroix (not cover) plate V is a study for this painting
16. Ingres
17. Rembrandt (not cover) plate VI
18. Lawrence (not cover)
13. Modigliani (missing issue)
19. Miro (missing issue)