Modern Art


The artist uses pointalism, a series of dots.
This is an oil painting with gold leaf. It implies the tequnique, art nouveau.
This painting has many componetnts of asian culture
This painting is done on cardboard. It uses lots of color and is very expressionate.
This is an oil painting showing people talking.
This is an oil-on-canvas showing the circle of life.
This is a rosewood sculpture,an abstract form.
This is a unique peice of art containing unique materials such as beeswax and human hair.
This is a pastel on paper painting, featuring two ladies.
This soft art describes the tenderness between a mother and baby.
This is an oil painting showing a ship in the winter.
This is an abstract landscape.
This is an oil-on-canvas portrait of a young lady.
The artists paints his future wife and son in an oil painting.
This painting by Monet captures a casual family outing with soft colors.
This is an oil on canvas landscape.
An etching and drypoint peice of art.
Emily Carr paints watercolor of an Indian Baby.
This is one of 10 of monet's weeping willow paintings. Monet painted these in reverance of World War 1.
The painter used this self portrait to re-gain affection from her lover.