Through My Eyes

This is an journey "Through My Eyes" of how I view and see art. Take the time to venture into another world, Through My Eyes!                                                           Gallery created by: Courtney Jenkins

This is a painting of Venus and Adonis. This painting captured my eye is because it reminds me of Adam and Even. The precision in line structure and color really made this painting sand out.
These Pair of Timpani are an 18th Century kettle drums. I like this picture because I am from a musical background which I've played drums for 15 years now. I would love to hear how these sounds.
Lady Anne Clifford who became suo jure 14th Baroness de Clifford. This tells a story of how her life was from when she was fourteen (right side), middle age (left side), and before her time (center).
The Flippo Lauri painted by Flippo Gagliardi. This painting has its color scheme very well. The bright color brings out the center of the painting while the dark sides are where there suppose to be.
This tenor saxophone was presented to President Bill Clinton in 1994. The 150 Presidential Model is an limited edition piece. I would love to hear the sound that this instrument makes!
This representation of the crucifixion by Francesco Hayez. The emotion and feel that this painting brings out was very humbling.
The Last Day of Pompeii is an amazing painting. The way Karl Brullov portrayed the moment of battle with his balance in color and emotion of what's going on.
This is an accurate painting of an mustard gas attack, which cause burns and injuries, in 1918 view by the painter themselves. I can sympathize with the painter because I once was in the military.
This one out of 17 painting that was around the time of 1618/20 still exist. The Gerrit van Honthorst painted this piece of St. Peter caught my eye with the detail it has in his facial expression.
The 2008 Presidential Election "Hope" poster is one of a kind. This signified that change was coming to the people of America!
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