Uh 1010 art

I really like the faces on the balled up pieces of paper. It makes me think of recycling for some reason.Its like the artist was trying to make you think about not wasting paper. This was a very abstract way to bring attention about recycling.
I like the visual effect the layered plastic gives you. It makes it almost 3 dimensional. I think the artist wanted the art work to pop out. . There might be some type of reference to recycling because on the plastic bags there are little arrows that form triangles and says hope on it.The artist could be conveying a message in this art work.This Would be another very abstract expressional piece.
I find the stretched out lines of color very interest . I wouldn't call this a still life or a portrait but i cant exactly figure out what the landscape is either. It still draws my attention as i wonder what is going on in this piece.
I like how the chairs descends into the background. visually when i look at this i thing of something like the great wall of china .
This is interesting because it represents a atomic bomb mushroom cloud but its huggable. normally this would bring destruction but its like a more friendly safe look on it. I like the contrasting views.this is very abstract representation.
I like this picture because of the rock formations against the beach. This seems to be a very peaceful setting .The artist did a great job capturing this scene .
I like the symmetry in this work. It kind of reminds me of looking into a kaleidoscope .All the different shapes its like a wall of shifting lines and grey colors
I like the mysteriousness of this art work . It reminds me of like a spy with a hidden identity or something like james bond.I think the artist wanted the viewers to wonder whats the identity of the man in this art work.
Credits: All media
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