Was Darth vader good or bad? (or neither?)

Every human contains good deep down inside them, as well as a uniqueness in perspective and views. So much of a person is hidden below the surface with layers upon layers concealing them. Each individual has potential to undertake so much, both good and bad, yet at the same time everyone has many inevitable weaknesses. Two things that really define a person is their love and hate...with love they can produce so much good, so long as their hate does not consume them and drive them to cause destruction. In reference to the title, Darth Vader was neither 100% good, nor bad. He started with good intentions but hate drove him down a bad path. Nevertheless, in the end of Star Wars the character showed that there was always some good left inside him and he returned from the Dark Side. This demonstrates that humans (as well as Darth Vader) are not necessarily good, nor bad, and much of their standing depends on what exists beneath layers and layers: in their core.

The strongest emotion is love and as long as every individual feels pure love towards another in some way then they will contain some conscience and good within themselves. This lady loves her child and this love will help her to make good choices to help her child.
A single person has so much potential, for both good actions and bad. This image portrays great destruction, all at the hands of humans. People can be dangerous weapons, especially when hate dominates their emotions.
Humans are easily susceptible to temptation, allowing for even the strong to contain a weakness. In other words, people all have faults and weaknesses, with temptation being one of them.
Though love is abundant in many humans, so is hate. Hate is one emotion that individuals have difficulty controlling, often causing humans to be seen as naturally bad. This tiger seems to show great hatred, as many humans have been consumed by. Hate, opposed to love, is what causes the bad in humans.
This mural would be very hard to define by just looking at...similarly humans are difficult to figure out at first glance. There is much hidden under the surface and each individual has lots of deeper meaning.
There are so many different layers to each individual. This painting shows various shades which are visible in people as well. Everyone has many different sides to them and aspects that define them.
Humans all have a natural good deep inside them...because nature was made good and pure yet is sometimes not super clear. All people have an inside beauty and purity, like the pureness of the image.
All humans have a different perspective and take on the world. The image shows a unique mural where the perspective of one individual is portrayed. Inside each person has their own unique views.
Humans have many in depth emotions and most people need to express them in some form. This painting shows a woman containing such deep emotion that the artist is perhaps experiencing.
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