Sunset - 8.2 Art - Alicia Casey

 This is an exhibition to guide you all the way through the world’s different aspects of Sunsets. It features artists like Edward Lear, Diego Rivera and Douglas Coupland. Sunsets are beautiful image to capture, create and manipulate. They are different from so many points of views in the world, like in some places its over the oceans, and in others its visible through large trees, and in some cases they are the only thing to be seen, possibly due to a large area of land that could be grass, sand or snow. These artworks all relate to each other due to the colour scheme, which includes colours ranging through shades of red, blue, pink, purple, orange + yellow. These colours are all representations of what people see in real life, which are sunsets that feature those colours especially. Sunsets are truly a natural beauty. They are different every time you watch them. They show different colours every time, and also, every sunset takes a different amount of time to disappear, it might be a 10-minute long sunset, or it might be an hour long sunset. It’s just another aspect of them that make them unique. These artworks all relate to each other as they are all taken in different scenarios. Some in the outback, some at the beach and some in the forest. Additionally, sunset represent a new beginning. So I invite you to explore this exhibition, and maybe find your new beginning along the way.  Youtube URL LINK -

This artwork represents the Post Modern Frame
This artwork represents the Structural Frame
This artwork represents the Cultural Frame
This artwork represents the Subjective Frame