Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Described in Seven Pieces of Art

Docent: Amanda Schneider

Selected Epigraph: "It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be" -J.K. Rowling in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire This epigraph connects to this picture because this picture represents how over time, represented by a pocket watch, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy help each other to grow and become better people. By the end of the book both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have both changed significantly, for the better.
Universal Theme There were many universal themes in Pride and Prejudice, but the main theme I decided was relationships. The painting represents the theme of relationships and how even though sometimes times were hard or in the case of the painting rainy, the characters had to learn to make the best out of every situation and work out any disagreement they might have.
Tone The tone in this book is very playful and irreverent. This picture depicts what many people believe to be the most important part of society for women; getting a good marriage and being able to live with a wealthy life style. The main character, Lizzy, often makes fun of these values that other women place many importance in. Lizzy in contrast to many women act opposite of how these women would and places little to no value in these things.
Historical Setting The main historical setting in Pride and Prejudice is eighteenth century rural England. This is where Elizabeth and her family live and is where most of the story takes place. This painting pictures a place that could've been a part of this story: a rural part of England.
Text to World Connection In Pride and Prejudice, Lizzie, the main character had already decided she did't like Mr. Darcy before she ever really met him, or heard his side of the story. After Lizzy did hear his side of the story her opinion of him changed. This relates to our world today because many rumors are spread that cause disagreements, that could be avoided if people listened to other people's thoughts and version of events. This painting shows how Elizabeth and many other people may feel after they realize that they were arguing for no reason.
A Day In The Life Journal The main character in Pride and Prejudice is a young woman named Elizabeth or "Lizzy" Bennet. On the surface while looking at Lizzy she might seem ordinary and might not stand out, like the woman in this painting, but anyone who knows her knows that she has a very sharp mind and that she is very intelligent
Mandala Everyone who knows Elizabeth Bennet can tell that she is a very unique individual. This painting by Diego Rivera which pictures a beautiful and bright sunset also represents Elizabeth. This painting also represents Elizabeth because of her bright and beautiful personality and mind. Here is a link to a mandala all about Elizabeth!
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