Realism Art

Realism art is a movement that began in France around the 1850s. Realist rejected the over exaggerated emotionalism of the romantic movement. This type of art depicts a subject/topic as realistic as possible without any extra exaggerations. Realists depict already existing things the way they are or can be in reality. This era was strongly dominated by Jean Millet. He was an inspiration to many renowned people like Van Gogh and mark twain.

The last day of Pompeii depicts the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano. It shows the daily activities of the people of Pompeii. I chose it because of the dramatic expressions of the people in it.
This is not only one of Da Vinci's popular painting, it is also one of the most popular art pieces in the world. It portrays the last dining of Jesus with his disciples.
This painting was done by the French artist Jean-Francois millet. This picture is even more amazing because it was done close to the end of his life and it looks like something from a vision.
This realistic painting by Monasterio de Piedra displays a warm and calm night fall in the presence of mountains. With the sun hidden by the landscape. I chose it because of how realistic it is.
the sharpness of this piece of art is what makes it stand out as realistic. The bark on the trees and the shining uncovered moon seems like a reflection of one's mind as he says
This dark painting done by a French artist Hilaire Degas shows a man almost completely hidden in the shadows leaning on the wall and looking at a lady that seems to be worried. They both look worried
The Angelus, done by a famous French artist Jean Millet depicts a man a woman in a field saying a prayer called the Angelus after they closed for the day from digging food crops out of the soil.
the night falls on the two villages, Barbizon and Chailly. The painting composes of a weird looking moon that looks to be rising.
This very great sunset scene painted by an artist from Connecticut. it is part of this exhibition because of how beautifully the scene is painted, which is also close to real view.
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