MCA 1 Baroque

Ever age projects its own images into its art. Both Rembrant Harmensz and Carvaggio Merisi were famous artists during the Baroque period. Baroque artists usually used very dark colors mixed with very light colors. Much of the Baroque was also very religious. One reason that may have contributed to this was the Catholic and Counter reformations. 

As you can see, this painting has very dark and also very light colors which was very common in the Baroque period. It also has much detail especially in the city in the back ground and the emotion in the the peoples faces.
This painting is depicted at night which shows off the darkness of Baroque art. It depicts a crowd of people holding weapons like guns and spears. This painting also has a lot of detail. For example, you can see the individual strands of hair and also the reflection of light on the peoples eyes.
This painting shows a man with a military outfit. Unlike many other Baroque paintings, it does not possess those very dark darks. It shows amazing realism. You can see the reflections of light on his armor and the glimmer of his eyes. You can also see the red parts in the corners of his eyes.
This like many other Baroque paintings depicts a religious figure. The person depicted in this paintings happens to be Jesus after being crowned with thorns. This painting show realism and shows that the artist has a great deal of knowledge in anatomy.
This painting has very dark colors but not too many lights. It shows the sacrifice of Isaac. This painting shows great detail, realism and also shadowing. One area that shows an especially great deal of detail is the castle and houses in the background and the shadowing of the peoples clothes.
This painting shows a very big contrast in darkness especially between the background and Saint Johns skin. His skin is practically white compared to the very dark, almost black background. It also possesses realism. One good example of this are the tiny individual furs you can see on his coat.
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