The Bodily nature of sports

In my exhibition room, you will see as well as learn different body natures we human perform in our sporty lives. From form to consciousness and unconsciousness of body movements inside some of the most vigorous sports.

The guy (on the left) jabs at the male while hunching his back and nearly squatting his knees. rewinding his steps. The other male moves backwards, appearing to be dodging his hit with other hand.
Appear to be fighting to the death. Their masters are giving them intense pressure. Encouraging them to battle smart, with speed and wise. Motioning back and forth between the movements.
Eyes focused, both men aiming for victory. Man (on the right) has his knee up sure his opponent does not come close enough to block his shot. Unconsciously moves in a confortable position to score.
He appears to be competing in a tennis tournament on a forceful windy day. He visioning different opponents there at the competition. He is very determined and prepare to hit this ball.
The male on the top put the guy beneath his a headlock. Using the gravitation forces between him and the wresting floor as a base to his winning. By the redness of their hand one can identify pain.
First day of hockey when people played with the scraps and wrappers in the frozen body of water. He is ice skating while pushing the wrapper with his pucker. He show happiness all in his faces.
He is focused and showing strength within his balance by one long up with a pointed toe. Also, in this sculpted body's image, he has discipline by his shoulder being equaled to his foot.
She jumps anticipating the ball over the high net. Her hair flies in the air & arms separate from her body. She tightens her one hand leaving her other opened while her body is slightly cricket.
At this point of the game, the batter is gazed awaiting the baseball to be pitched to him. Her athletic yet slightly twisted physique is perfectly form to hit the ball appropriately.
Exhibiting strength, discipline, and a great deal of balance by holding himself up with one hand while bending backwards. With his eyes close, his body relaxed portraying peace within his body nature.
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