The Alchemist

This reminds me of when Santiago traveled through the desert with the caravan on pages 74-79 and 84-85. I chose this because it has camels, like the one Santiago rode, and the pyramids, which Santiago was trying to get to.
This reminds me of the crystal merchant on pages 44-61. I chose this because it has a clear glass, which reminds me of crystal. Also, it has a wine bottle and a newspaper in the back, which are both liked by Santiago.
This reminds me of what Santiago said to the Alchemist in the oasis on page 110, which was "Allah created the armies and he also created the hawks. Allah taught me the language of the birds. Everything was written by the same hand," I chose this because it involves writing God's message, which is similar to the "written by the same hand" portion of the quote
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