Drawing I Final

 Miya Saechao

This is a use of Positive and Negative Space. The white represents water smoothly flowing, a positive sense of space, while the black represents big harsh boulders, a negative sense of space.
This is a use of Texture. The colors are very abstract and pop out. The craters of the moon look rough and bumpy making you want to touch them to see how they really feel.
This is a use of shaping as well as spacing to create the placement of the buildings within the city. The different shapes represents different buildings and you can see the different routes there are
This is a use of shading to turn them into shapes. I feel like the use of shading is used to create the shaping of books to show how in depth or sorted out they are.
This is a sense of value and color the darker areas adding a sense of shadow and silhouette look, while the different lighting and reflection gives life to the picture.
This is a sense of details. It looks like the city! The multiple details add life to the art. With the streets, building and objects colorized and the line placement showing movement.
This is a use of gesture drawing with lines. You can see the different positions the ballet dancer holds. Depending on the different positions it shows a sense of calmness.
This is a linear perspective. You can see the lines approach the front curving towards the back meaning that it continues to go on. The buildings are set out in a line forming a curve to follow the water.
This is the use of shading to show the reflection of the mountain tops upon the water with the darken parts. This as well is a sense of space within distance showing the water flowing outwards and further back.
The sizing of the image portrays a sense of space. The houses are implemented in different sizes and different areas of the land showing the spacing within the houses. The further back they are the smaller they get.
This is the use of space with overlapping objects. You can see the different objects and how they are implemented with the door in the water and guitar on a sandy beach with a view.
Credits: All media
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