Strokes of Color

"Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks" --Plutarch 

I chose this piece because of the statuesque woman posing. I have always had a weak spot for street art just like the street art you can find on the Wynwood walls of Miami. This mural is so festive almost as if its dancing on the wall. At first impression the calm hues of the blue and neon green leaps out capturing the viewers eye. As you continue to study this murals beauty and elegant details closely more colors mysteriously become visible when indeed all along they were always there carefully intertwined together
The intimate colors of this street art mural is what appealed to me at first glance. The different tones of soft blues and pink seem to almost illuminate from its dark background, giving this mysterious woman a sense of honor and grace. Her headpiece reminds me of a crown of what the Egyptian queens would wear also giving this picture a sensibility of royalty.
This particular oil on aluminum painting of Marilyn Monroe is very intriguing mostly because it's life-like impression. This painting is grandly detailed from the tilt of her head to the delicate strands of her curled hair. This painting can be easily misinterpreted as a photograph. I love how the artist has brought light to the picture and wind to her hair.
The geometric and organic shapes of this graffiti drawing, is what captures the essence of the soul. This piece is very mesmerizing, when I first observed this pictures cubic structure and design I was amazed. The complexity of this abstract art allows your creativity to visualize whatever imagination can envision.
In this outside scenery animals hid in the shades of the background. The pops of brightness and color bring out the beauty of this painting. Birds hide within trees as they watch the woman lay below. Above the woman's finger as you look closely an elephant balances in just behind the strokes of green leaves. A native can also be found blending in with the background his instruments brightness gives light to the scene below him of the lions prowling in. This painting very detailed and has so many animals mysteriously cloaking within the trees.
This piece speaks of natural beauty.On glass the subtle colors irradiate and glisten. In unity the rose petals circle in scenic harmony. The yellows and pinks bring the viewers focus to its floral certain show. Butterflies even engage in as they flutter closer to the roses beauty. A hand even appears in this painting symbolizes as if the artist is proposing the flowers to its viewer.
In this picture I can clearly hear the impacts of the violent, raging tides crashing against the secluded lighthouse. The constant waves seem to be in motion as the sea begins to rock back and forth. A small boat lies hidden behind the controlling waves. The midnight blue waves reaches high into the nights tired sky.
I love lotus flowers, this one picture symbolizes it beauty even in muddy situations. Muted colors align this paintings background.The few bright colors such as the white of the alluring flower and faded peach of the wall gives this painting its beauty. Green lily pads float off into the waters murky hue. To me this picture is very appealing and charming. And the spotlight of course is on the ivory colored lotus.
The vibrant colors of this painting is what allured me in to this piece. As the title says "Life is colorful". This bloomed and developed flower sits on a energetic stripped background. This flowers prominent petals and acrylic colors appear to be three dimensional. The festive petals dance around uniquely in unison. This painting seems not to miss one color just like a florid rainbow.
This work of art is not of the most common styles of paintings. This oil on canvas painting is very bizarre and unusual. The uniqueness of this painting is what is so eye-catching. The artist alone has brought depth to a flat surface. The peculiar brushstrokes gives off an illusion of movement and texture. The way it is painted looks as if its made of quilt and clothing fabric.
Credits: All media
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