Nicole spall

Color Schemes

This piece of artwork displays the monochromatic color scheme. You can tell this because the colors go from black to white and dark and light gray in between. This creates a dark, dull mood.
These is a warm color scheme. This is shown because of the in between shades of the primary colors like green, blue green, etc. The mood is light and happy.
This shows analogous colors. These colors include different types of blues and greens. The mood is light, and airy.
This is cool color scheme. The blue makes this a cool type of artwork. The mood looks dark.
This is an example of a triadic color scheme. The colors that created this are yellow, blue, and red. The mood is intense and fearful.
This artwork shows an example of complementary colors. The different shades of red and green made that color scheme. This creates a springy mood.
Credits: All media
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