Simply renaissance!

BY: Maxx Pace-Hicks and Kenneth Contreras 

This astounding piece of artwork reminds one of renaissance art because of its detailed face and body. This truly looks as if you can walk up to it, say hi, and it will reply back!
This work shows how the human anatomy muscles work, and as well as the previous one has much detail. It also shows some writing of what these muscles and bones work
This work is of a woman greeting her newborn baby, unlike the others you can see this one is engraved in stone. In the background you can see a bird and many rocks underneath them.
This artwork shows how many knights were like back in the renaissance. This also includes a little bit of fantasy, giving the dragon.
In this piece you can see some men fishing at the bay near their homeland. You also see an angel that they are praying to, obviously asking for a good catch.
This is a very religious piece, based off the last supper of the bible, where Jesus right before his Crucifixion. This represents art in the renaissance because of all of its astounding detail.
This work of ark shows a man that is looking downward, for who knows what. This man is very detailed as all of the other arts.
This is a realistic piece of women dancing perhaps. you can see in the background to the right that there is a devil's angel and is taking someone way to commit a sin
In this piece you can see a woman holding her son up. In the background you see many naked men and woman, that are really realistic
In this work, you can see a priest blessing a baby before going on the perilous path of life. This looks like the modern renaissance times in the village
Credits: All media
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