"Every age reflects its own image into its arts." This phrase captures into words how each historic time period can be characterized by the art and architecture it produced. Unlike Romanticism, Realism sought to portray real and typical contemporary people and situations with truth and accuracy, and not avoiding unpleasant or sordid aspects of life like past "happy" art periods. Realist works depicted people of all classes in situations that arise in ordinary life, and often reflected the changes brought by the Industrial and Commercial Revolutions

This completely compliments the reasoning behind realism-being real and straight to the point without sugar coating. This woman and dog are clearly dirty and lack essential clothing. He doesn't try to make her look rich, or fancy, he just painted her as she is.
This painting shows that Courbet likes to see and capture the beautiful side of nature. He shows detail in a rough, edgy way that is unlike past periods like the soft pastels in rococo. The picture has an "un-edited" look that shows all of the imperfections in a natural way.
Although he was known for being a realist, painting mainly nudes, portraits and landscapes, by the late 1850s he began to specialize in forest and hunting scenes. This clearly displays his mature style and very realistic view on life and nature.
While also being unique, Daumier followed the same painting style as fellow realist Courbet. He used very rough strokes and various colors to create a messy, but yet clear picture. Here he doesn't go into much detail but his use of colors make it more creative and interesting.
Another big thing about the Realism period is that now the middle-class were used in portraits rather than just upper-class. In past years these lawyers would not have been considered too low (as of class) to have been painted.
This painting also shows an every-day scene of simplistic middle-class men. They aren't of any importance, but they are real people doing a real thing and Daumier doesn't try anything to change that. It is very real and not a bit imaginative.
Just for a little extra, here is a little history cartoon about Daumier!
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