I have put these images together because they all represent modern street art which I find an interesting way of displaying artwork. I think many people view this as vandalism and don't really ever take the time to look at the artwork and try to figure out their meanings. My first image has both visuals and texts. Together they really work together to create meaning that graffiti does have strong messages that many people do not talk about. The second image I have selected is an image of some birds flying away but not really actually going anywhere. This reminded me of one of my favourite quotes, "I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth. Then I ask myself the same question." This connects with course material that of which that everyone makes his or her own meaning. The third image I found to be quite interesting as I view it as all the thoughts, knowledge and things inside our head, exploding out. The boy in the image is very neutral coloured while everything exploding out is colourful and vivid. The fourth image is of a girl with a sad face and seems to be carrying a load on her back. This image connected with the term representation and icon. The image represents children in other countries who have to bare the weight of their siblings and families on their backs. Thus is an icon for something more then a little girl on a wall on the streets, but hold much deeper meaning. Finally the fifth image is a less clear image then the other ones; it has more shapes and vivid colour. It appears that there is a pregnant woman on a boat in the water, and a man carrying a heavy bag over his shoulders. This image is related to how the view makes meaning of the artwork. It can be interpreted in a variety of ways like discussed previously every individual brings in their own meaning to an image based off of their own experiences. 

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