Balance- It was used in the art because the vase was made evenly, with the similar design and shape .
Repetition- The art uses repetition because of its repeated design used on the vase.
Unity- The art uses unity because it has 3 horses, and they all fit together since they are the same animal and are almost in the same kind of pose.
Contrast- The picture uses contrast because of the white figure drawn, and the rest of the figures are black and grey.
Emphasis- The art uses emphasis because it has the two people next to each other, and it makes you want to look at them to see what is going on.
Variety- The picture uses variety because it has many things to look at, like the mountains, the river and the plants.
Proportion- The picture uses proportion because the ears of the bunny had to be made so that they would make sense in comparison of the body.
Movement- The picture uses movement because the artist made it look like it was windy, since the camel was kicking up sand and the person's headdress was flying out behind him.
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