Places & People

I chose these particular pieces because I love looking at different buildings and how they look and how the scenery appeared in a few of the pieces I selected. The people came into play in my exhibit because I absolutely love how the artist portrayed the people out and about in town or at the park it made you wonder what their background was like and where they came from.

The artist Pieter Bruegel based his painting off of the Colosseum in Rome. I picked this particular piece because I love looking at how it was out by the water and the people just steadily working.
This painting was taking with cameras that was able to take negatives, just like what's portrayed on the left side. I love this painting for the fact that it shows you different different coloration.
This painting was never used as decor like the rest of Bellotto's paintings, but used as decor. This painting is stunning and shows great details on what is going on in the town.
I love this painting because it's nothing but ordinary people who congregated together to form this painting. It turned out nicely and portrayed a nice negative image on the left.
I love how the background was of Arabs and Jews who came together as friends. It displays that anyone can be friends and harmonize in the same place.
This painting was Lowry's first industrial scenes and I absolutely love it because it shows the people trudging from a long day at work. I like how the emotions were shown through there images
This painting displays people coming together for a good time and that is actually how Renoir got his inspiration. I like looking at this painting for the fact that it shows pure happiness.
Seurat took multiple attempts at this painting before he could make his perfect work of this painting. This people shows a group of different people just relaxing at a park and enjoying themselves.
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