The Power of Love

Mikaela Postlethwait, Section 57 

New Beginnings: This image represents when Gilgamesh and Enkidu have ended their fighting in Tablet II. Gilgamesh pinned Enkidu to the ground, but it was the beginning point of their friendship. The pair realize the strengths in each other, and concede that they can accomplish more together than they could against each other. This is one of the first times that Gilgamesh feels as if he needs someone.
This image shows that it is a group effort to make one feel loved. Persepolis and Gilgamesh both realize that being alone does not make them happy; it only causes them stress and despair. They both think that being alone is what is best, and it takes them hitting rock bottom before they realize that they are not happy following the path they are currently going down.
Rock Bottom: Persepolis tries to distance herself from everyone that has ever loved or cared for her. She thinks this is the best way to deal with the disappointment and guilt she has towards herself. She does this with the belief that it will protect the ones she loves the most. By doing this, she is isolated and has no where or one to turn to for help. She acts out of love thinking it is what is best for everyone when in the end it ended up doing the opposite.
Independence: Persepolis and Gilgamesh both think that not showing any emotions is showing weakness. Love is what is able to finally get through to both of them; it helps them cope with everything they went through. The power of love is what helps them come to terms with what has gone on in their lives. Love helps guide them to a more stable place in their lives.
Irreplaceable Love: Gilgamesh takes Enkidu's death personally and carries the weight of the death with him. He thinks he is at fault for what has happened to his friend. Enkidu' was the first to love Gilgamesh, and they were friends that made each other better. Gilgamesh does not know what to do with himself once Enkidu is gone. The love he felt before turns into anger and confusion. It sends him on a journey to help him find love again. It is not easy for him to replace the love he and Enkidu shared for each other.
Family: Persepolis' family always has her best interest in mind. She fights against them for most of her life, and does not realize the sacrifices they make for her throughout their lives. Her mother and father both know that she does not have a future at home, and send her away for school. While away, she becomes a drug dealer and falls away from the person she was before she moved away. In the end, she moves back home. Persepolis does not think that her parents will take her back, but they welcome her with open arms. They do not judge her based on what happen, but see her as their daughter and love her unconditionally. Her parents show her the love that she tried to find in boyfriends, but could never quite find. Her parents love her no matter what, and just want her to know this. Their love is what got her through the war, and it it what kept her alive when she did not think she would make it to the next day.
Death and Despair: Gilgamesh does not know what to do with himself when Enkidu dies. Enkidu was the first person to reach through to Gilgamesh, and to show him what it felt like to be loved. It was new to both of them, and it was a learning experience for both of men. The love they had for each other is something that Gilgamesh feels he will not be able to find again. Throughout the book the theme of how powerful love is comes up many times. During the book, we watch as Gilgamesh learns what it is like to be loved, and how his actions can harm those he cares about most. This image relates to the book, because when Enkidu dies Gilgamesh does not bury his body, but instead keeps the body until maggots fall out of his nose.
Serenity: In the end, Persepolis is able to find peace with herself with the help of her family. She leaves for France knowing that when she leaves this time it is on her own terms, and she knows that this is what is best for her. The love from her family helped lead her to this decision, and helped her find peace. Without the love and support of her family, she would not have made it to this point of her life. Their love acted as guidance to her when she needed it most. Their unwavering love helped her find who she truly wanted to be in the end.
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