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Nicolina Espinola

this is interesting because of the placement of the random objects with the space, and the values used to accentuate them.
Art is an expression of self, and it is also a tool for learning about our past. Art has many uses.
the artist makes the viewer feel a certain size by the degree of linear perspective he used. I feel human sized.
Just because items are overlapping, doesn't mean that the object in front needs to blocking the object in the back.
The house is easily the emphasis because the light source makes it so.
Use of perspective makes me feel that like these houses aren't sitting on flat ground.
this is interesting because vibrant colors are added where they would not realistically be.
The simple symmetrical frame contains the madness within.
I like how convenient it is to include the title in an artwork. the name adds meaning some meaning to the art, and it will never be lost.
She's in fetal position wrapped in emphasizing flowers. This is a peaceful mood.
The slight value change into nothingness creates a sense of fog.
The slight value changes showing the paper looks beautiful.
Up close, this image looks like a bunch of random lines and blotches. it can be fully seen from afar.
this is composed of variety overlap.
the fallen trees tell a story about the landscape.
A still life is a still life if the artist is drawing inanimate objects. They can be in any style.
The title gives so much more meaning to the random objects in the space.
art is beautiful. Even the most commonly seen things are works of art if they are seen at a certain angle.
Art is anything, even nothing.
The color pink unifies this art. It would seem less effortless to fill the space if the images weren't unified.
The colors create a lively mood.
It is clear that the subject of this art is religious because the woman (Mary) is dressed in blue.
The invading darkness, position of her arm, and facial expression all imply that she is having second thoughts about her marriage.
The shapes of the skies reflection and placement of the lilies attract interest because the horizon line is not clearly visible.
the men's uniform and the city scape in the background imply that they are workers.
These colors imply a calm, morning like mood.
Media can intrude or extrude to create different images.
the darkness that the people are going into and the opposing light source create a dark mood.
the gate like pattern that is the top layer of this painting contributes the trapped feeling of the girl. this painting even has a hidden layer
the red shadowy figure balances the red bird.
the light colors create a sense of depth and is also the light source
the balance of colors planned by the artist makes scribble graffiti look interesting
there's a cowering man, an he has a shadow and there are other shadows in the image but no other figures. creepy.
not only does this guy look dumb, but the lightness of his portrait implies that he is non-existent, and unimportant.
this looks like a great catch. the fish don't look too unhappy and the background is welcoming
the directional flow underneath the horse implies movement.
the shape and color shift on the building make it look more like a volcano than a building
Van gogh uses contrasting blues to separate the swirls from each other.
the red color here makes George more intimidating than he would be if another color was prominent.
the body language of these two figures tells its own story.
pink is usually girly, but add black to it and suddenly it is a little more masculine