Strong Nature

My name is Richard Lopez and my theme for this gallery is Unharmed Nature. What I mean by Strong Nature is that the nature that appears in each piece has a sort of power that is clearly present. If you would look at each piece you can easily tell the main focus of each.

This piece shows a forest and a mountain landscape around a clear lake. The blue mountainsides really show a sense of calmness, but the green tree in the middle really represents the main focus.
This beautiful piece is a large mountain peak surrounded by dense clouds. The snow on the side of the mountain gives the piece a very cold feeling. It is very clear that the mountain is the main focus
This artwork shows what looks like a colony along side the shore. It looks as if you can feel the coolness from the ocean and the breeze. The clear main focus is the tree which gives off a feeling of power
This piece has the a bit of a dark feeling to it which makes you feel the cold breeze on the forest trail. The main focus of this piece is the tree of brown leaves rather than green since it has a darker feeling.
This piece is a bit different than the others because it is very clear what the main focus is. The painting has a very cool feeling due to the dark colors shown. I feel as if it a great example of the theme
I thought this was a beautiful piece due to all the different colors. It is a bit difficult to tell the feeling I get from it, but it is obvious that the main focus of the piece is the stone carvings on the bottom right side.
This is my favorite piece that I picked out. This artwork has a very cool feeling to it and I just love the look it has to it. The main focus would be the boat, but I think everything else just compliments it very well
This is one identical to the other mountain painting and that was shown at the start. The different is the red dot. This painting also has a cool feeling and main focus is still the mountain as its brighter than the dot.
This one was a little difficult to point out the main focus, but my eyes immediately shot to the sun so I would have to say that would be a safe bet. This piece has a very cool feeling due to the lake the surrounding brush.
The final paintings main focus is obvious the windmill on the cliff. I really like this style of this painting as it feels very dark and cool. I can practically feel the wind blowing from just looking at this piece.
Credits: All media
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