VanGogh Dreams

Night Sky Dreams... Is this really what VanGogh saw? or Did VanGogh see the night sky in a different way? Do artists see the world differently?
The moon is not a perfect circle. Notice the light radiated outward and gradually turning into blue. The yellow gets lighter and lighter.
Most of this painting is sky. The swirls are streaks of color. What colors do you see did VanGogh use in the sky and stars?
Vincent applied his paint very thickly. In this view we can see the where his brush made ridges. If we could feel this painting it would be very bumpy and have a lot of texture.
Here we can see that the edge of the canvas has no paint! Why do you think VanGogh didn't paint the edges of this painting?
It is time to paint your own night sky. Think about your dreams for the future and put images in the sky.
Credits: All media
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