The Beauty Inside Music - (Cole Caudill)

This art gallery will show many artistic instruments and explain the meaning behind the artists motive for creating them. In this gallery you will learn various artistic techniques used by the artist as well as how and why they created each instrument.

This beautiful piece was done on the head of a violin. The use of line is tremendously beautiful and brings out the details within the design. The value of the wood is also very interesting as it adds multiple different tones to the overall look of the violin.
This beautiful wood instrument was created as for a rhythmic element within the music as well as for its overall beautiful look. This seven stringed instrument has a very amazing texture to it as it is not made of a smooth wood but of a more rugged and harsh type of wood. The use of this particular wood is what really give the instrument its characteristic sound.
This beautiful grand piano is truly a work of art. What really makes it stand out is its unique legs that hold the body of the piano upright. The legs are all beautifully designed with a spiraling pattern that helps bring the piano to life.
This is a very visually inspiring piano piece. Besides the amazing sound that comes from this instrument, the looks are equally as beautiful. Mr. Doll the creator of this piece did a tremendous job with the unity of the piece. Every design on this piano sits perfectly in its place which allows all of the art on the instrument to flow together seamlessly.
This serpent horn instrument is a true work of art. With its amazing texture and combination of metal and brass this instrument is able to produce a truly unique sound. This instrument also has some amazing designs and shapes that are carefully scattered throughout the piece which helps bring it to life visually.
This harp is very beautiful in its on way. Although it may not be the most audibly pleasing, it surely is a visual masterpiece. The silver material used to design this instrument allows it to shine bright and vividly. The use of lines on this instrument is also very nicely done. The lines allow more definition and boldness in the piece which makes this instrument stand out that much more.
The 'Triple Flageolet' is a beautiful wood recorder instrument. The use of color on this instrument is very beautiful. A tan mouthpiece tip with a brown wood style body allows the player to see and distinguish the top and the bottom of the instrument.
This sousaphone is a very pleasing instrument. The rhythm used in the visuals really bring beauty to the center of this piece. The use of shape was also done very well as the way the piping is shaped is what allows this instrument to have its characteristic sound and tonal quality.
This trombone instantly stands out to any musician with its old brass texture. Besides sounding very good the shape of this instrument was very well created. By bending the metal piping into rounded figures, the artist was able to make an instrument that is just as pleasing visually as it sounds.
This old and unique bronze bell really stands out for various reasons. The texture of this bell is old and rusted bronze. While in most cases this may not be the best decision it really worked for this instrument as it allows its beautiful imperfections to stand out. Another amazing thing about this piece is its shape. With a cup like shape the sound that is produced from this instrument is very narrow and bright sounding.
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