Perspective:                             A New Point of View

By Hayden Noble

This piece, one of several by this artist that caught my attention, is a brilliant display of perspective that gives off an old western feel I find quite appealing.
Like the previous bit of artwork, this drawing provides an aerial view of a large city in Texas. It is cool to see how all of the lines on the artwork converge into a single point off-frame.
I love this bit of perspective work of Fort Worth, Texas, because it provides an interesting view of a city often only viewed from the ground.
I love this bit of artwork because it show a warped perspective, deviating greatly from typical perspective based artwork.
This bit, similar to the last piece of artwork I posted, it a gorgeous piece of perspective artwork. One thing that caught my eye was the large carving at the top of the artwork: art within art.
Once again displaying that rustic feel I am so fond of, this art piece shows a villa in perspective, focusing far more on geometry than color.
This piece of architecture, showing off large vaulting arches and building plans, appeals to me because of my great interest in architecture and design. I love to visit places like this.
This piece of artwork, once again focusing on shape rather than color, is particularly beautiful to me. I am a huge fan of Chicago, as most of my extended family lives there.
This photo deviates very much from the others in this gallery, as it once again demonstrates warped perspective. i love the use of color and the futuristic, clean feel of the art.
This picture took me aback at first. Using the trees as lines and the sun overhead as a vanishing point, the artist manages to create a cool perspective image using only natural elements.
being an Italian and a huge fan of Italian art, this picture was exciting to me, and demonstrates well made perspective. It's rich blend of colors also appeals to my artistic side.
This piece, depicting something I cannot identify, immediately caught my attention. I love geometric shapes and minimalist art, which drew my eye to this piece to begin with.
Once again displaying Italian cityscapes, this piece of artwork appealed to me because of the use of fog to demonstrate distance between several objects.
Utilizing a great sense of perspective and natural beauty, this piece shows a beautiful canal. The architecture of the area also interested me greatly, particularly the use of columns.
This being the last piece of artwork that I found, I am thrilled by the use of perspective and fog to create depth of field. While this art is less busy than the others, it is beautiful, regardless.
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