The Revolution Of Russia in 1905

What happened during this revolution?                          By: Rocio Gago and Eugenia Ramirez

In 1905 the russian population exploded in a revolution. It started as a spark labeled Bloody Sunday which was directed by Father Gapon, aiming peacefully for less working hours, a minimum wage and more protection.
FACTS ~400,000 workers on strike. ~No control during the marches,petitions,demonstrations ~Death became more and more common for the peasants and students. ~Requests:8 hours per day of work, minimum wages, better conditions.
FEBUARY·1905 ~4 of February, the uncle of the Tsar Nicholas ll (Grand Duke Sergei) was assassined. This cause anger in the goverment.
MARCH AND MAY·1905 The Russo-Japanesse war was won by Japan. This made the Tsar look very weak since a very small country had just defeated them. The population was getting more and more angry at him.
MAY AND JUNE·1905 Speeches where given and the desire for political parties was rising.
As you might know, Russia had a big cultural variety so pleasing everyone was even harder. The poles and the finns demanded their independance and the jews demanded equal rights.
SEPTEMBER·1905 The peace treaty between Russia and Japan was singned and the goverement was paying them fr them to be loyal towards the Tsar.
OCTOBER·1905 Workers, soldiers, teachers, factory workers and revolutionaries were joining forces to make changes in their unfair nation. There were barricades in the city streets.
26th OCTOBER·1905 The St Petersburg Soviet of Workers' Deputies was formed and inspired the workers to show more strenght but it was also a big threat for the Tsar.
OCTOBER MANIFESTO·1905 The Tsar promised that there would be a parliment or Dume elected by the russians, civil rights(e.g.freedom), and finally he'd allow to publish the original newsppapers without being censored and pol.itical parties(e.g.Social Democats)
Both the liberals and the middle class decided to stop protesting for their rights.
DECEMBER·1905 The Russian troops where back in Russia and the Tsar felt even stronger.
Nicholas || used loyal troops to put down the St Petersburg Soviet and to crush the strikes in Moscow. He also sent troos to take revenge on the workers and peasants who rebeled.
WHAT WAS NICHOLAS|| AFRAID OF? · Soldiers · Middle class · Nobles
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