Japanese 10/29

early Japanese history

Jomon: The extreme intricacy  of the cooking vessel implies that the culture values art and ornamentation as well as has time on their hands to do so. 
Yayoi: The bell strongly echoes the Chinese bells we looked at in class ,which suggests that the culture was influenced by China and most likely interacted through heavy trading. 
Kofun: The depiction of a woman as a shaman indicates that gender roles were fairly equal, for a woman to hold a respected religious position. 
Asuka and Nara: The technique used to make this bodhisattva moved away from the traditional long process and instead used a wood base then a covering. This shows the innovativeness of the culture. 
Heian: Once again, this is an example of the influences China had on this culture. This mirror mimics that of traditional Chinese mirrors. 
Kamakura:The use of the technique "kirikane" which applies enormous detail, demonstrates the culture's ability to spend time on such detail as well as its reverence for beauty and the aesthetics. 
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