Times in America CLAR 209 Sum 1

Found within this gallery are paintings that depict a time period, event, or a cultural perspective that occurred throughout the illustrious history of the United States.

It appears that the this painting is set during the time in which it was painted. The artist's use of shadow and horizontal lines in the background is very much appealing to the eye. The shadow placed behind the woman might signify loneliness or isolation. The painting reminds me of walking outside for the first time on a beautiful summer day. I can feel the sun beating down on my face when I look at this painting.
In this work of art, chaos and disordered is depicted using a detailed approach. Dead and mangled bodies lying on the ground, shrapnel flying about, and other miscellaneous destroyed items can be found upon examining this piece. Amongst the chaos is a cloud of smoke that sweeps through the painting, suggesting that the Chew House was under heavy fire. In looking at this painting, it is easy to get a sense of the immense violence and gore that transpired during this attack.
Credits: All media
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