Clar 209 SUM 1: Photographs [JC]

A collection of natural phenomenon in photography  1 .     Milky Way by Claire Martin                               Taken at Cowra Outcamp, near Mulga Downs, this photo depicts a vibrant display of stars. Part of the Milky Way galaxy, interesting colors and spots of light are shown in this shot.                                                       2.     St. Paul’s Cathedral during the Blitz by Herbert Manson                                                                           A black-and-white shot meant to somber the mood of the experience. Captures smoke rising around St. Paul’s cathedral in London during WWII. The dark colors give an ominous appearance to the piece.                          3.     Entrance of Guanabara Bay, seen from the Fortress of Santa Cruz by Marc Ferrez                           In the medium of albumen print, this shot taken the moment a wave crashes ashore at Guanabara Bay is filled with power. Also captured are some bystanders, also soaking in the awe of the moment. The distance captured in the shot and the dimensions of the landforms in the horizon provide depth to the piece.   4.     Copocabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Brazil by Thomaz Farkas                                                       Printed in Gelatin silver, this action shot of a man playing soccer on the beach captures the essence of Rio. Copacabana beach is one of the most bustling locations in the city, and soccer is its citizens’ favorite pastime.                                                                         5.     Waterfall, Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Brazil by Marc Ferrez

Another piece of albumen print, this shot uses light, shading, and elongated shutter times to provide a steady flow of water in the rear of the image. In the foreground, a peaceful river is pictured, giving the piece a serene atmosphere. 

Credits: All media
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