Profound Statement

It's a Profound Statement

That's when sin was thrown out of heaven. This is when hitler dies, it might not be in the book thief but that's when a lot of evil in Germany was wiped out.
This is where it all began, if it hadn't happened then, nothing else would have happened. I think this is where Liesal's mom leaves her with Rosa and Hans Huberman.
It was one of the high points of the human race because a person actually baptised Jesus Christ. This would probably be like when lisiel steals her first book because it really started it all.
This is the monment when everyone saw that there was no possible way that he couldn't be the son of God. It's like when everyone saw that jessie owens really was the fastest and best in the olympics.
It is a sign of rebellion because he is saying that he doesn't care about the mona lisa and in the book Liesal doesn't care if society thinks she should like hitler howerver, she is rebelling.
He is screaming and won't ever stop, this is almost like how Liesel probably felt after her the important people leaving her life.
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