Element of Color

The artist uses color by creating a dark background against the light color of the knight, to emphasize the center of focus.
The coloring in this piece works to blend the various aspects of the image and create an unfocused mix of unity.
This particular piece uses the element of color by utilizing small amounts of bright colors on a fairly blank background, to emphasize the outline of the focused images.
The element of color is used in this piece by using limited amounts of color in the center of the artwork and by eliminating most color in the surrounding areas.
In this piece the use of the red coloring stands out and draws attention to the focus of the artwork.
The element of color is utilized in this piece by highlighting the various objects of attention and diminishing the back tones.
This piece uses a variety of bright colors to draw the audience toward several different aspects of the artwork and to create an uplifting feel.
The element of color is used as a way to blend many aspects of the artwork together, creating a more abstract interpretation.
The element of color used in the sky is shown in the reflection of the water, and the green coloring is emphasized against the natural blues.
In this piece the element of color is used to bring together the focus of the picture and to create a calm and peaceful image.
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