Composition Gallery - Jaesun Brown

The use of rich color makes this composition very fluid.
The way Kandinsky correlates ships and water with music creates a nice soothing composition.
This composition shows a stark contrast between two styles of what makes Warhol a great artist.
The contrast of each image provokes the idea of separate worlds.
This works shows how importance of the sun to the people of the time.
Although the rainbow has an unnatural perfect roundness to it, it does however highlight the beauty of the overall composition.
When I look at this piece, I feel the rush of falling as this bomb did.
I have actually seen this mural in person many times. It is just as beautiful composition in picture as it is in real life.
The skill in create sand art is very under-appreciated.
The geometric nature of this work gives an interesting perspective on Van Gogh.
This work highlights the beauty of the Northern Lights through simple geometric and color configurations.
The artist uses rich color and texture to create a nearly abstract composition in this work.
These murals are scattered throughout the city of Philadelphia. Each showing the neighborhoods rich culture.
This mural is actually located in one of the more violent neighborhoods in Philadelphia.
The power to change to world rest with the strength of a single finger.