Corrupted innocence

All over the world, wherever you look, you can see innocence being corrupted. Very few people remain innocent while growing up. Growing up can be a frightening thing to think about sometimes. Growing up is a process of gaining responsibility, learning how to be mature, and sometimes knowing information that children should not know about until they reach a certain age. And quite frankly, some of the children of today's society are growing up a little too fast. 

When I look at this picture, I see a little kid with a guardian angel looking over his shoulder. Children should represent innocence because they are expected to believe in what they want and not be corrupted so soon by society.
Here there is a painting of a rain cloud. Some innocent people may love the rain; they can stay in a positive mood and think about all of the good things that rain brings (i.e. flowers, wildlife ect.). Some people may hate rain; they act negative and think of some bad things that rain brings (i.e. floods). Negativity has a big effect on corruption.
When I see water, it makes me think of innocence because it is beneficial to about everything on this earth. Without water human kink would die, wildlife would die, and there would be nothing left. Sometimes, this water that is the most important and precious thing on this planet is corrupted by humans. Some people do not respect water (i.e. letting water run without using it, littering/contaminating), but they need to learn how to respect it.
In this picture, I see people harming rabbits. When I think of rabbits, I think of innocence because they are quite friendly animals. For the most part, rabbits mind their own business and they do not harm people. If anything, they are afraid of humans. If you were to go up to a rabbit outside, it would be likely for it to run away. These people are taking and harming these innocent animals. When I see this, I think of corruption.
When I see swings, I think of innocence because kids are usually around or on them. Now in today's society, some kids would rather be inside and watch TV or play on electronics. This is an act of corruption because kids should be able to play outside and have fun with their friends rather than being locked inside their room and playing on their game consoles or whatever they do now.
When I think of puppies, I think of innocence because they are always so happy and energetic. They are a great stress reliever and can make almost anyone smile.
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