Saint Francis

Depictions of Saint Francis Before and After the Reformation. We see Stigmata as a recurring symbol, and in other depictions his presence with the Holy Family is common.  Interestingly we see both ecstasy and agony. The stigmata marks on his hands and feet in Fra Angelico's work seem merely symbolic, while Titian seems to desire to show the viewer the story with accuracy rather than symbolize. Novelli's work returns to a more realistic rendering, with that dramatic and heavy tenebrism that lends itself to seriousness. 

This piece has the typical Catholic appearance, with highly decorative elements and the elevation of clergymen with the Saints. Stigmata is merely symbolic here, rather than overtly meaningful.
This piece is a more "true to life" depiction of the receiving of the Stigmata. Saint Francis seems afraid and stunned, and this piece reminds me a lot of the Conversion of Saint Paul.
I almost didn't notice the stigmata markings in his hands - (zoom closely!). Here we see the post-reformation return to the dramatic, as evidenced by focus on lighting and composition over accuracy.
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