China's Culture

Hunter Webb

I choose this because it must have taken a lot of time and energy for this project they just did not have the right metals or materials.
This shows how china did have boats out and maybe even ready to fire but it shows that even as the group they are their never going to give up a fight so easy
China will fight until they drop they will never just give up because they have gotten so far in life to stay a country and they wont give up that right
This was made probably in the earlier years because wine was probably popular
Very ancient musical instrument that means a lot to the chinese culture
this maybe the cloths they wear on birth day or holidays but its not every day cloths
The great wall of china was made years ago
this may have been painted by a chinese person because of the type of animal it is and it has no fear
This is probably and everyday lunch meeting between some people and it seems small and very packed
life in china is not always east to cope with there's going to be somethings that are hard and in this picture the guy looks like he's having a hard time
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