This gallery features the many different works of art that are consistently displaying one-point perspective, while some even include one-point and even two-point perspective.

This painting is a great example of one-point perspective. It leads the viewers eye up the canal and to the horizon line. It also has examples of two point perspective due to the three-dimensional buildings on the side.
This photograph by Aj Weiwei displays one-point perspective, even though there is something in the middle of the photograph, it still leads the eye to the capital building.
This image although abstract, leads the eye straight to the "back". The circles appear angled and it gives the illusion that there is a corridor effect.
This painting, although slightly warped, shows another example of one-point perspective. The floor, pillars, and table help add to the allusion.
These to images use a worms eye angle to help achieve a one point perspective.
A classic example of one and two-point perspective, this painting also offers to be an example of the corridor effect.
A larger scale of one and two-point perspective with a corridor effect, this painting is a nice example of giving depth and dimension.
The gothic styled arches in the corridor give this one-point perspective painting a deeper and larger look.
This painting appears to be another view of a corridor, however the one-point perspective still pertains here. The pillars and walls still lead the eye to the horizon line.
This hallway has one-point perspective, the walls and floor are angled to that the eye is lead to the door and the chandelier.
Another classic example of the corridor effect, this is a perfect one-point perspective piece.
Although this piece is abstract and demonstrates two-point perspective, the way that the tiles turn and contort still give an effect of one point perspective.
A nice corridor piece that demonstrates one-point perspective perfectly.
Though this pieced displays mainly two-point and some three-point perspective, you can still get a grasp of the one point perspective. The walls on each side still lead to the horizon line and the focal point in the "distance"
Another two and three-point piece, however, it is still an example of one-point perspective. The stairs are angled in such a way that leads up to a building in the distance, giving it the right illusion.
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