impressions of ocean

These are a set of pictures that I find relaxing and pure

When I saw this painting I reminded me of how hard fishermen work to get their food and sell the fish to make a living, it looks dangerous so the fishermen put their lives at risk whenever they work.
The cliff on this painting reminded me of the time I went hiking while I was beach camping and I almost fell off the cliff.
One time I went to the beach when it was super windy and rainy and the waves were crashing really hard on the rocks near it. I sat really far from the shore but the water still somehow reached me.
One time I went on a boat near night time and I freaked out because all I was focusing on were the chances of the boat tipping over and I never really saw the beauty of the night time on a boat.
I hear so many stories of how people get lost at sea and they end up on an island and don't know where they are. This painting showed me that those stories can be true stories.
Credits: All media
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