Gallery of Line delisha Lindsey

This artwork is an example of horizontal line. This is an example because, there are horizon in the middle.I chose this artwork because, the horizon lines are very easy to pick out on the artwork. The line is being used as a design.
This picture is four mice playing with a box. This represents curved lines. I picked this to represent curved because, of the loops on the top of the box. Also, because since the main part of the picture is the mice and the box, there is nothing important in the back.
This represents implied lines.In this picture, there are a bunch of shapes put together. Lines are created when the shapes are collided. In between you could see the lines. They are curved.Line is being used to form the shapes.
This represents diagonal lines. I picked this to represent those lines because, the lines are going across. Diagonal lines are being used to create the lines in between the designs.The designs are not the example of diagonal.
This is a picture of a small firework on top of sticks. This represent texture. I can feel the surface of the sticks. They look rough. They are drawn so realistic and accurate.
This is an example of Concentration line. This is a picture of a bunch of lines colliding together. They are all located in the same area of the board. This is what separate the art with sparse.
This is an example of thick lines. The thick line is drawn to separate the two subjects. The thick line is very easy to understand because it is colored with black. The thick line stands out.
This is an example of vertical lines. In this picture vertical lines are being used as the border of the main object. The vertical lines come together to form a rectangle.The line is outlined with color.
THis represents thin lines. I chose this to be an example of thin line because of the smoke lines. In this picture there is a mountain drawn in the back. The smoke is drawn very light.
This is a example of focused line. The lines are around the art in the middle. The focused lines are used to draw attention to the horse. It is like a border.
This is an example of actual lines. In this picture, lines are used to make the picture more realistic. You can see this by, looking at the objects in the drawing/painting. For example, the outline of the trees are made up of lines that make the trees appear more real.
This is a example of contour lines.The drawing of the face are the meaning of contour. You can see this by looking in the middle of the drawing. The drawing is realistic.
This is an example of sparse lines. The branches of the tree represent sparse lines. You could see this because, the lines are spreaded out and is not jumbled together.
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