Captured Nature

The perspective of nature

I chose this because of the natural point of view of the peacock and pine tree.
I chose this because of the view of the mountain and bay area all being viewed at a birds eye perspective.
I chose this because of the birds eye view of the islands below.
I chose this because of the blend in foreground, middle ground, and background.
I hose this because of how the creek recede back and how the reflection follows.
I chose this because of the dark and subtle tone of the work and also how the road stretches all the way to the castle.
I chose this because instead of the horizontal perspective view this is vertical.
I picked this one because of the accuracy of how an actual port won would look from a hill.
I chose this one because of how the implied lines circle around and how the trees recede back.
I chose the artwork because of how most of the lines point towards the storm and how there is a big contrast between the left and right side.
I chose this art work because the vast plain that was created by the size and separation of the foreground and background.