Romantics Unbound

The works you are about to see each show different sides of America and beyond. Some show the natural beauty of the untamed wilderness, others take a peak into everyday life back then. Some even show lands beyond America itself. So, enjoy what I like to call Romantics Unbound.

This painting represents a number of men apparently driving cattle alongside a beach. What I found to be the most interesting about this was how it displays the American landscape as it was.
What I like about this artwork is the way that the artist uses the natural light to create a beautiful scene in a craggy place. What I think can be interpreted here is that beauty exists everywhere.
This artwork, in my perspective, makes one feel like there is more to the Natives than savagery. What I like about it is the way that the artists uses contrast and perspective.
This depicts a mountain far beyond American borders. What I like about this is how it displays the might of the mountain by showing how grand it is compared to any human.
For this work, what I like about it is the use of luminism and contrast in the sense that there are naturally growing trees and ones that appear to have been chopped down.
For this, I like how the artist captured the essence of the spring by using colors and artistic elements that make it seem realistic.
This artwork, I feel, tells any who see it that there are worlds beyond America just waiting to be discovered.
Personally, I think the cottage at the bottom of the eagle-shaped cliff are the best parts of the painting.
I think an identifiable theme here would be the bounty of nature creating a memorable treasure
To me, this work makes me enraged since the elderly man blames what appears to be the death of a white man or woman on a black man.
What I like about this work of art is how the artist captures the scene from the famous short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."
What I find interesting about this painting is how the artist uses luminism to create a farmyard covered in snow.
This artwork, I believe, conveys the message that we are all connected by the ocean, and ships bring those connections closer to each other.
One thing about this painting I find interesting is the fact that the painter actually went to Rome to paint this and to see the faded glory Italy once had.
What I like about this work of art is the way the artist captures No-Tin and makes him look like a person, not the savage he is speculated to be.
What I think will be an interesting theme here is the sense of community the people here are sharing by playing their game.
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