renaissance perspective

classical language- ancient Greek and Latin fantasy- imaginary world short-lived decoration- a decorative drawing that was underrated three-dimensional effect- when the drawing looks 3D
central perspective- the vanishing point is in the center receding lines- lines that appear to be moving away classicizing elements- classical elements urban planning- up-to-date drawings of a city
Urbino- city in Italy concurrent- happening all at the same time Quattrocento- a period of increasing prosperity in the arts Frederico da Montefeltre- a successful ruler of the Italian residence
Siena- city in Italy frair- a member of a religion facade- the face of a building crucifix- an image of Jesus on the cross
Rousseau- artist trompe-l'oeil- an art technique Peruzzi- a form of art Villa Farnesine- a suburban villa in Rome, Italy
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Facade of Milan Cathedral- a Cathedral in Italy Angelo Rizzoli- film producer and publisher commemorative- acting as a memorial emblematic- symbolic
assimilated- to understand fully luministic- American art style Giovanni Migliara- Italian painter consecrated- dedication to a religion
Madrid- Capital of Spain versatile- adaptable scarcity- insufficiency graphics- diagrams in a design
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