Jamila Phillips Curator Project

Travel with us through out a timeline through out Christianity, beginning in the Garden of Eden and ending up recognizing the importance of the ancient scrolls. From artwork to artist, there is an underlying message that speaks louder than any stroke taken by any of the artists, passion. Each artist's passion about their artwork is expressed through their vivid detail, strategic use of color, lines and spacing and shapes. Open your heart, mind and ears and begin the journey through my museum..

Here begins the journey, Adam and Eve were exposed were tempted into eating of the forbidden fruit, curiosity began the journey of our faith... This is the foundation to many of our lives. The artst captures their state of elation while trying the fruit. Symbolizing how sweet deception can be, how beautifully we can walk into our demise as a people.
This marked the beginning of Jesus' public ministry. Supported by biblical scripture found in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, we are able to see the heavens about to open and a dove flying down towards Christ (Jesus). The color here is very symbolic as well, every color surrounding Jesus is dull, gray, dark green, grey scale sky. By doing this Christ is illuminated, and is the center focus of the piece. Along with the color, spacing plays a very important role in the piece, even though John is baptizing Christ, he is far enough to keep the focus centered on Christ.
This is the staple of Christianity, how he gave up his own life, nailed himself to the cross, in exchange for the iniquity and transgressions of humanity. The artist behind this piece manages to include spectators, those completing the act of nailing him to the cross and regular world operating around the whole situation. Emotions are captured in the background and the artwork turns into a live scene on site of exploring it. It is also apparent that there was no struggle between the men and Christ, He willingly gave up his life, and was nailed to the cross.
This piece of Bohemian art captures Jesus hanging from the cross. Songwriters say they hung him high, they stretched him wide, he hung his head, for me he died, that's love. In the Christian faith, the foundation of their joy is based off of the major sacrifice of love that he freely bestowed on humanity. The shape of the artwork shows reverence to God and is in the shape of a stained glass window from an old church, or house of prayer. This, though contrary to many other Bohemian pieces is ver
In the same respect as the other artist's from this collection maintained, the art work matches up with historical and or biblical support for the setting and details. Christ is resurrected and is flying away out of the tomb as the two women are ecstatic for joy and humbled on their knees in praise of their risen Savior.
There will always be room for misunderstanding or even discrepancies but the mission behind their religion is a little bigger than just what people say. These words found within these old scrolls became a part of their life and they bled the blood of these pages. This ancient scroll secures the power of time and how it is irrevocable.
Credits: All media
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